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Since 1960 Coronado Stone has been manufacturing the highest quality, most innovative and most realistic manufactured stone products in the United States. From its humble beginning by a master natural stone mason in Southern California, Coronado Stone Products are now sold throughout the United States and the world. This Master Stone Mason, Melton Bacon, is still involved in the day-to-day research and development of all Coronado products manufactured by the facilities strategically located throughout the United States. These multiple facility locations are proof that Coronado will allocate the necessary resources to effectively provide our products to meet the growing demands of our valued customers.

Coronado Stone has become the benchmark in developing the most realistic, user friendly and affordable stone products in the industry. By making Coronado Stone easy to install, the overall beauty of the finished product is enhanced, and by making it affordable as compared to its´┐Ż natural counterpart your experience with Coronado Stone products will be fulfilling. The quality of our products is what drives us to improve within every aspect of our industry: Availability, Affordability, User Friendliness, and Authenticity.


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Stone Like No Other
- There are rock solid reasons to choose Buechel Stone Corp. (pronounced BEE-kul) for your building, landscape, and cut stone products. Quality, beauty and durability are among the most important.

Quality - We have been quarrying natural stone since 1964 and our experience and commitment to quality has helped us build a solid reputation for consistently meeting the needs of our customers. From our dedicated staff to state-of-the-art equipment, packaging, and quality control measures, our goal is customer satisfaction. We stand behind our product so you will be proud to stand in front of it!

Beauty - Only Mother Nature can produce the beauty found in our natural stone veneer. We offer over 100 colors and textures to choose from all of which can be custom selected and blended together. This gives homeowners, architects and designers an almost unlimited range of design possibilities to create a unique visual appeal for each and every project.

Durability - Our stone is a dolomitic limestone, which is very dense and durable. We have testing data from an independent testing laboratory that confirms the strength and durability of our stone in all types of weather: extreme heat, freeze/thaw cycles, excessive moisture and high winds. This strength adds credibility and makes it ideal to use in any application.

Boulder Creek Stone Products manufactures four main products: stone veneer, thin brick, floor tile pavers and accessories to accent your project. We offer over 250 different pattern and color combinations. Click here to find out more about how Boulder Creek Stone Products can help beautify your home or business.

Boulder Creek Stone is lightweight and durable. Manufactured to withstand the harshest of Minnesota winters or the hot climate of the tropics, it provides a timeless beauty that is unsurpassed. Our stone is constructed of all natural materials and produces a touch and feel that is undistinguishable from natural stone.

MTI's Sure Cavity, Wall Opening Weeps and other drainage products provide proven moisture control systems for a wide variety of walls, including Full Stone and Thin Stone Veneers. MTI Drainage planes and weep systems get the water out of walls fast!

Save your time, health, investment and reputation with moisture control systems from MTI!

Visit MTI's HyperSpecs pages for Detail Drawings, CAD, 3D Product Views and Wall Animations showing MTI's drainage planes and weep systems in action.


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