How to Choose Between Stone or Brick by Top Quality Building Products

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Top Quality Building Products provides sturdy and durable masonry, including stone and brick, for your home or commercial building projects. From traditional red-brick materials to natural stone, we want your project to look beautiful and last a lifetime. Today’s blog from Top Quality Building Products discusses how to choose between stone or brick for your project.


Brick and stone offer a variety of different looks. Our brick products come in a wide range of colors, from red and brown to white and gray. As such, brick can mimic the same hues as stone. Stone masonry products come in earthy tones. Think slate gray, light gray, tan, and brown. You have limitless options for colors, whether you want to have a cohesive or contrasting look.


Both brick and stone provide durability for your project, whether you’re building exterior walls, walkways, backsplashes, or veneers. Brick resists weather, fire, and wind. Brick lasts more than a century and requires very little maintenance. Believe it or not, stone lasts even longer. Take a look at ancient stone monuments that still stand today: stone can last for thousands of years while offering the same weatherproofing capabilities as brick.


Brick has a precise fit. Installing brick takes less time compared to stone, which decreases your labor costs. Natural stone comes in various shapes and sizes. Though we can pick stone that gets close to a perfect fit, it takes a little more work to fit natural stone together so it looks great. Manufactured stone gives us a more precise fit, so your labor costs would be lower with manufactured stone masonry. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line for brick and stone is that both products last a lifetime. They’re very low maintenance, resist the elements, and provide a beautiful look. Stone lasts longer, but your labor costs may be higher. Either way, you have versatility and durability with your masonry choice.   

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