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Residential and Commercial Doors

Top Quality Building Products is a trusted provider of doors, door hardware, and door pre-finishing for residential and commercial construction in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Residential Doors

Top Quality Building Products has a wide selection of residential doors in many styles and materials, including mahogany, knotty alder, fiberglass, steel, and iron. You can choose from a full range of decorated glass and beveled divided lites, quality hardware, and sizing to meet the needs of your individual installation.

Commercial Doors

Top Quality Building Products has a proven track record of providing excellent doors for construction in many commercial settings, including retail, hospitality, corporate, institutional, education, multi-family, health care, and security. We provide a full array of steel, iron, fiberglass, wood, and reinforced doors. We offer a wide variety of attractive and functional door hardware, for single- and double-door installations, and for both standard and electric opening systems. Work with the experienced team at Top Quality Building Products to determine your exact specifications and select your design preferences for commercial doors.

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Door Hardware

High quality door hardware is important for aesthetic reasons, and Top Quality Building Products has many styles to choose from. But door hardware must also serve to secure and protect the people and the property inside. We choose only trusted partners to source the best door hardware for our customers. 

We provide residential and commercial door hardware for both single- and double-door installations, and for both standard and electric opening systems.

Door Pre-Finishing

Top Quality Building Products pre-finished doors provide peace of mind and a streamlined installation process, whether you are installing a residential or commercial door. We have many options for pre-finishing to meet your unique needs. Contact our team for assistance with your selection of pre-finished doors.

Our Door Brands

Top Quality Building Products offers a full range of building materials for the homeowner and professional builder. Whether you need custom-made entry doors for residential construction, or you need modern masonry materials for a commercial building remodel, we are your trusted source for quality building products.

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