How Residential and Commercial Brick Materials Improve Your Building’s Value

The first bricks in America were made way back in the 1610s. They’ve been used by builders ever since to create solid residential and commercial structures. So how has brick continued to be a popular building product after all these years? The answer primarily comes down to one factor: value.

There are many ways brick materials improve your building’s value, but here are just a few, as outlined by Top Quality Building Products.

Easy Maintenance

Residential and commercial structures with wood-painted siding must be repainted about every five years or else they’ll start looking worn down and aged. This task is not only time-consuming, but it also comes with a hefty price tag of thousands of dollars. Comparatively, residential and commercial brick maintains its beautiful appearance for much longer. Its natural coloring won’t fade and it requires very little maintenance over its entire lifespan.

Enhanced Durability

Brick is a load-bearing material, meaning it is capable of supporting significant weight or strain. As a result, residential and commercial brick buildings are known to last hundreds of years or more. Unlike other building materials, brick won’t rot and you don’t have to worry about pests like termites. Bricks are also flame retardant, noncombustible, and they are better suited to handle the impact of high-speed objects caused by strong winds and storms. Simply put, bricks are strong, built to last, and will stand the test of time.

More Energy-Efficient

Residential and commercial brick walls constructed with insulation will help stabilize the indoor temperature of the structure. The brick helps keep cool air inside during the summer and the freezing temperatures out during the winter. Not to mention, a more energy-efficient building material like brick will reduce your utility expenses, saving you money down the line.

Noise Insulation

Worried about noisy neighbors? (Or maybe you’re worried about being the noisy neighbor?) Brick is thick so it can block out more sound than vinyl or wood siding, even when paired with insulation. This is good news for homeowners or business owners who need a more sound-proof structure.

Need Residential or Commercial Brick for Your Next Project?

If you’re ready to tackle a brick project for your home or business, Top Quality Building Products can help. Whether you need a small order for a brick home repair project or you’re searching for the highest-quality brick and masonry materials for a commercial brick building, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for more details.