4 Reasons Why You Need Professional Installation for Your Masonry Fireplace

As much as Chip and Joanna Gaines, HGTV, and Pinterest have convinced us that we can do it all ourselves, there are some things better left to the professionals. When it comes to anything involving your home, fire, or the rare combination of both, it’s best to seek professional guidance. That’s why the experts at Top Quality Building Products highly recommend consulting with the pros to installing a masonry fireplace. Here are their reasons. 

Alignment is Key

It’s incredibly challenging and delicate to make sure the fireplace and the chimney are perfectly aligned. Without this alignment, there will not be proper ventilation. This means your home could quickly fill with smoke or carbon dioxide when the fireplace is in use. This is understandably highly toxic and dangerous for your family. With all of the factors involved, from liners to alignment, chimneys are one thing best left to the experts. 

Codes & Regulations

There are dozens of codes and regulations surrounding the installation and operation of a fireplace, and it’s nearly impossible to consider them all as a hobby or DIY fireplace installer. So many moving pieces need to be accounted for with the ventilation, masonry, electronics, and everything else involved. Especially where safety is concerned, there is no reason to take a chance on anything besides professional-grade installation. 

Kinds of Fireplaces

There are many different kinds of fireplaces, from wood-burning to gas to electricity. They all have different infrastructure and requirements to make them run safely and effectively. With different styles and types of starters or pilots, all the way to various means of ventilation, it’s crucial to make sure every aspect is under consideration before moving forward. 

While all of these factors are critical, we haven’t even begun to broach the subject of why masonry requires professional installation. This brings in a whole new set of local, engineering, and municipal codes. There are a lot of things to consider to keep the fireplace within compliance. Factory-built fireplaces are designed to meet compliance standards and eliminate risk. However, masonry-built fireplaces are much more customized, which leaves the chance on the builder. With attention to detail required, we recommend a professional is consulted and utilized for this type of project. 

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