Best Colors for Fireplace Stone and Masonry

Let’s face it, white painted walls have left the building, or have they? Depending on your home decor, your fireplace can compliment or accent your walls in a fashionable and comforting manner. 

Painting or color-staining your fireplace is a great way to create an inviting home feeI, experiment with colors, and enhance your personal space. In today’s blog, by Top Quality Building Products, we explore the most fitting colors for a lovely fireplace and household aesthetic

The Best Shade

Neutral shades are the best way to go since common fireplace colors are grays, taupes, cream whites, or white stone. 

Light Taupe

Taupe typically resembles a sand color making it essential for homes with brown or tan hardwood floors. If your home contains warm earth tone walls and home decor, taupe is a lovely addition to your fireplace that is functioning as a staple feature for the rest of your home. Lighter colors tend to enhance earth tones for a vibrant pop. If you do not have any earth tones in your home, no need to worry. Alternative colors that compliment taupe include yellow, olive shades, and soft colors like pastels. 


Ivory is ideal if you are going for a light and airy home ambiance rather than warm. Ivory mixes well with colors like yellow, red, and orange due the subtle glow it emits when painted on walls and fireplaces. 

Our Top Quality Building Products team recommends investing in beige, tan or brown decor if you want your fireplace to stand out. The fusion of colors to furniture creates a natural and cozy atmosphere.


Gray is an option for homeowners conflicted between neutral or bold home decor. Gray fireplaces deliver a stone wall aesthetic at half the cost, pairing well with neutral colors like beige, white, and tan. Gray or light flooring works well with this color scheme while any bright home decor stands out in a modern setting. 

A brightly colored couch or sofa blends well with gray as a strong background for supporting color definition. If you plan on investing in a gray or white-stone fireplace, ensure its quality by researching the best stone adhering agents for your home. 


Pick Your Perfect Fireplace With Top Quality Building Products 

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