“Let’s Go Sit By The Fire Pit,” Fire Rock At It’s Finest With Top Quality Building Products

The sounds and smell of a crackling fire bring forth wonderful memories of smores, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cuddling up by the fire and enjoying each other’s company. What is wonderful about these moments? They aren’t isolated to a time of year or location. The wonders of a fireplace or fire-related heat source can be enjoyed inside, outside, in the cold, or in the heat. 

However, many often overlook one of the main components used in many of the devices used for this memory-building experience: fire rock. Our team at Top Quality Building Products is here to engage with the public and teach them about the uses our business has for fire rock. 

What Is Fire Rock?

Fire rock is a manufactured or unnatural version of lava rock. Its sole purpose is to distribute and retain heat. Depending on the style of fire rock you purchase, it will either be the main distributor of the flame or will simply retain the heat of it to create an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing fire pit or fireplace event. Fire rock has a reputation for distributing the flame of a fire well, and that is why we use it! 

Lava rock originally was sourced from the rocks that are created from volcanic magma flow, but this resource is costly and can be hard to source. Fire rock is the synthetic and environmentally conscious counterpart. Top Quality Building Products offers an extensive selection of fire rock through our multiple company and product partnerships. 


Sleek modern indoor fireplaces often use fire rock in partnership with fire glass, to showcase the aesthetic of their custom-built fireplace. 

Fire rock is most often used in natural gas fireplaces as a base for the flame, or alongside fire glass as a cool aesthetic to counter the heat. 

Fire Pits

Nothing sparks the memory of a fire pit more than a gooey s’more in the hand! This being said, natural or gas fire pits often utilize fire rock and lava rock as a way to draw in the scenery around the pit. 

Multiple colors are a wonderful option for showcasing the personality of your home, while still allowing a safe burning method for your backyard fire pit. 

Outdoor Heating Sources

There are many options for different types of outdoor heating sources offered with Top Quality Building Products, but fire rock is the same across all of them. 

Our modern world relies on smart engineering to disperse heat efficiently. The manufacturers of fire rock have also found the best-looking way. 

Top Quality Building Products encourages the use of fire rock for indoor gas fireplaces, and natural/outdoor fireplaces. Our main focus is safety and of course your enjoyment of your home centerpiece. 

Top Quality Building Products And Cut Limestone

Our team has extensive experience in fireplace installation, masonry, and landscaping to create the backyard of your dreams. If you’re interested in a backyard fire pit or gas indoor fireplace to showcase your newfound love of fire rock, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 
Our company focuses on quality masonry done right the first time. To learn more about our fire rock selections through our partnered products, contact us online, call us at 812-537-4090, or stop by our store in Greendale, Indiana.