Top Three Coziest Fireplace Installations with Top Quality Building Products

Cocoa, leftover candy, leftover holiday food, a book, and a drink just about describe the feeling of peace felt by many in the winter months. The fireplace is an iconic staple within American culture, which is why we specialize in providing everyone’s dream fireplace. In today’s blog, Top Quality Building Products will cover our three favorite fireplace installations. 

Wood Fireplaces

There is nothing more timeless than a callback to the classic way of warming up. Wood fireplaces and wood stoves feature this incredible bit of nostalgia simply by existing. 

Hearing the crackling of sap burning in the flame, and smelling the aroma of wood filling your home is just about the coziest and most comforting experience to have. Top Quality Building Products features wood fireplaces in our selection of products. We like to honor tradition, and promote community building, which is why we provide a warm cozy spot for people to gather around. 

Gas Fireplaces

Cleanliness, efficiency, and flexibility. These are the words associated with a gas fireplace. This is why we love them and sell them here in our shop at Top Quality Building Products. 

Gas fireplace styles include: 

  • Vented gas logs that provide radiant heat to our high efficiency AFUE rated Direct-Vent Gas Fireplaces. If you’re looking for a realistic fire experience, we offer log design to meet your needs. 
  • Non Vented fireplaces offer the benefits of a gas fireplace, but the flexibility, cost savings, and cleanliness of an electric fireplace. 

It is particularly comforting to have a fireplace that is cost effective, clean, and set up to reliably radiate heat all winter long. 

Electric Fireplaces

If you’re looking for a clean fireplace option that is also cost-effective, simple to work, and safe to use, electric fireplaces are the way to go. There are no requirements for gas lines or venting for electric fireplaces, so they are also highly cost-effective.

Electric fireplaces can be plugged into any 120V outlet creating the perfect ambiance for any time of year. 

Top Quality Building Products Loves Fireplaces

Our team has extensive experience in fireplace installation, as well as the multiple styles of fireplace. If you’re interested in obtaining one of the three styles of fireplace above, we’d love to speak with you.
Our company focuses on quality product sales done right. To learn more about our fireplace selections through our partnered products, contact us online, call us at 812-537-4090, or stop by our store in Greendale, Indiana.