Differences Among Natural Stone, Manufactured Stone & Cut Limestone

Quarried stone is a game changer for household development. Humans have built stone structures for thousands of years, hence the era of the stone-age. Stone is a naturally forming rock substance popular for its durability and resistance to wear-and-tear. It is a composite of minerals and calcium carbonate, making this rock ideal for construction purposes like community expansion.

Facade clad, also known as manufactured stone, is popular among manufacturers due to its durability, lightweight handling, and uncanny resemblance to actual stone at half the cost. Although natural, manufactured and cut limestone hold similarities to each other, in this blog by Top Quality Building Products, we show the subtle differences to determine if the material is true or artificial. 

Natural Stone

Similar to a snowflake or fingerprint, natural stone poses unique textures that make each piece different from one another. Natural stone is less durable than manufactured stone since it is more susceptible to environmental effects like weather and erosion than its contender. 

Granite, marble, and slate are common examples of stone used for counters, flooring, or wall support. Not sure which material is right for your home? Top Quality Building Products will walk you through our stone materials best suited to your home needs. 

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Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is a man-made material designed to imitate natural stone. The grooves and textures in manufactured stone are developed from concrete rock molds and templates. From afar, it is hard to tell the difference between the natural and fabricated stone but looking more closely, there are typically several similar pieces in the compilation or a noticeable paint finish. Another difference between the two are the maintenance costs. Natural stone is easily cleaned via scrubbing or pressure washing as opposed to manufactured stone and more likely to fade via long-term sun exposure due to the paint coatings.

Cut Limestone 

Cut Limestone is a form of natural stone collected from earth quarries. Limestone poses specific patterns, colors, and qualities making it popular as a building material for roads, or useful as an agricultural conditioner. This stone poses light tones and is easily damaged from scratching or surface rubbing. Speak to a Top Quality Building Products representative to determine which limestone material is right for you. 

Choose a Quality Stone With Top Quality Building Products 

Finding the perfect material for your home can be overwhelming, let the Top Quality Building Products team lighten your load by supplying high quality stone materials. Choose from numerous manufactured and natural stone colors, cut and collected with varying colors, and molds perfect for any home decor dynamic.  We are the number one stop for your brick, natural stone, or limestone needs. Trusted as a source for quality service and maintenance for over 50 years we have a vast portfolio of brands you can trust for fireplace, window, door, and brick materials. Contact us online today for a quote or call our office at 812-537-4090.