A Brief History of the Art of the American Craft Trade in Masonry

Masonry has a long extended history, providing humans with protection for hundreds of years. To this day, Masonry is still viewed as a widely applicable and suitable material for construction purposes, making it a popular choice in home development. In today’s blog by Top Quality Building Products, we discuss the history of the American craft trade in Masonry. 

Masonry Beginnings 

Masonry use began nearly 10,000 years ago as sun-baked clay bricks. Fire-produced mortar combined with materials like mud, grass, wood, or straw prevents cracking and distortion, increasing its resistance and durability. These mortar fire brick mixtures became the primary material for civilization development. The world-renowned and mysterious ancient Egyptian pyramids were crafted from Masonry. Although Its counterparts like wood and concrete have supplemented Masonry, it remains a popular material. 

Masonry Trade and Industrial Advancements

Masonry was a highly regarded trade during that time, requiring schooling and apprentice supervision from a skilled masonry expert. The industrial revolution played a significant role in masonry development. Modern advancements in technology made complex manufacturing easier and aided in transportation and creating brick molds. Techniques like pigmenting the brick colors and duplication made it easier for organizations to mimic the properties of masonry work supplying quality at a cost-effective price. Buildings were known to have superior strength and durability. 

Modern Development

Around the 19th century, stone masonry in building development began to decline, and metal framing replaced the foundation for skyscrapers and commercial buildings. Concrete Masonry is still used to this day for construction since it is less laborious, less time-consuming to cut, and easier to lay than brick. 

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