When Should I Buy Brick Building Products For My New Fireplace? Top Quality Answers

Iconic statement installations within a home are often the key to making it feel like a home. Whether it’s a wrap-around porch, grand front entrance, or the simple centerpiece in the living room often taken for granted-a fireplace, it’s all about the statement and the nostalgia. 

Our Top Quality Building Products team doesn’t believe that quality and happiness should be sacrificed for affordability. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the best time of year to purchase materials and install a fireplace within your home so that it can feel like home.

Benefits Of A Brick Fireplace

There is nothing better than snuggling up next to a roaring fire when the world is powdered from fresh snow or drenched from a fresh downpour. 

A fireplace not only adds to the value of a home when facing appraisal for reselling, but it also is a nostalgic addition in building revered family traditions. The hearth has become known throughout history as a telltale attribute to family-oriented beauty. 

By using a wood-burning fireplace, costs can be saved on heating in winter. 

Electric fireplaces don’t offer the same utility savings, unfortunately, but they sure are beautiful to look at-which is payoff enough in many ways.

Off-Season Installation

It is popular to want to add a fireplace later in the year in the winter months. However, the wisest timeline for installation would be to focus on off-season months. Not only will materials be cheaper, but masons will have a broader availability to ensure quality craftsmanship.

Budget Allocation

It can be costly to install a feature as renowned in the home like a fireplace, but it also doesn’t have to break the bank. Prices for the installation of a fireplace will range depending on the skill level required to do so. 

Masonry fireplaces will usually be at the higher end of the purchasing range. The average price for one of these is usually around $5,000-accounting for the average 12-foot chimney. 

If this is out of your budget, the next option to consider would be a wood-burning fireplace or electric fireplace insert. Both versions of an insert are easy to install and far more affordable than a craftsman-style build due to the materials used. The average prices for these options range from $1,200 to $3,000. 

Pick Your Perfect Fireplace With Top Quality Building Products 

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