Types of Stone Fireplaces and Masonry to Choose From

Whether it is to keep you cozy during the winter months or act as an aesthetic to your residential or commercial building, a fireplace or Masonry is a staple piece to any home or company building. Fireplaces accent the surrounding environment and enhance the foundation of your decor. There are many types and styles to choose from, and finding the best one suited to your personality or business is achievable in today’s blog by Top Quality Building Products. Let’s take a look at the ideal types of stone fireplaces and Masonry to choose.  

Types of Fireplace Stone

The most popular types of Fireplace Stone are limestone, granite, marble, and slate. These are some of the benefits of each and how to incorporate them into your style: 

Limestone: Limestone is a famous stone due to its durability, cleanliness factor, and resistance to environmental wear-and-tear; limestone is urban and adds a pleasing intrigue to the naked eye. Not only is limestone cost-effective, but it is also highly sustainable and safe. Limestone is non-toxic, natural, and chemical-free. Limestone is an eco-friendly choice for green individuals; Limestone goes very well with the complementary colors of beige, warm browns, and light blues. 

Granite: Granite holds many benefits due to its smooth surface and elegant appearance. It is helpful for counters and tabletops in addition to a stone fireplace center. Granite is one of the oldest and most durable building materials out there. It is very resistant to high temperatures making granite a fundamental choice for your stone fireplace. Granite works well with cool light tones that represent white sand or beach-like hues. 

Slate: Slate is an essential choice for a fireplace since slate possesses the benefits of affordability, eco-friendliness, natural beauty, non-toxicity, and lasts a lifetime. Although slate is a very realistic stone, buyers can opt for synthetic slate for added cost-effectiveness. Synthetic slate also lasts a very long time compared to its predecessor and adds that wow factor to your fireplace. Slate comes in various colors; gray slate stone is the most appealing and popular choice for homeowners. 

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Types of Masonry 

Masonry is an excellent choice for an old-fashioned aesthetic to your home. Brick demonstrates affluence and antiquity. Mansory is an ideal building material for your fireplace due to its non-combustive benefits, fire-protective properties, and resistance against environmental disasters, infestations, rot, and more. There are three types of masonry material suitable for your fireplace:

Brick: Brick is a prevalent form of Masonry and is still sought after today after hundreds of years of use. Brick masonries are robust, with longer lifespans than most types of building material. The pieces are lightweight, easily assembled, and comforting to the eye. Chimney maintenance is required at least once a year for safety purposes. 

Stone Masonry: When it comes to stone masonry, there is no other material out there like it. Stonemasonry is highly durable, resistant, and possesses random light, tan, and white colors for a coordinated array of colors. A stone fireplace is welcoming while demonstrating its superb features. 

Concrete Blocks: Concrete is highly sustainable and resistant to many things like weather, molding, and pests while offering home needs like energy conservation. There is a variety of color and texture selection to choose from for your concrete block fireplace. Select smooth, rigid, and split textures for your piece and enjoy the natural light pigmented colors associated with a beautiful home look. Top Quality Building Products will professionally install any masonry material for your home; we have a highly dependable team of skilled experts. 

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