Why Choose Stone Veneer For Your Next Fireplace? Top Quality Building Products Answers

There’s never a wrong time to remodel your fireplace and add a healthy glow to your home. Fireplaces provide warmth and coziness during the winters and act as a staple piece for interior or exterior decoration. The most common types of fireplaces include brick and stone, an ideal choice for individuals desiring durability and aesthetic appeal. These days, there are many alternatives to stone and brick fireplaces that save time and money on installation. Stone is a popular choice for its color variations and texture, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to your home. For homeowners who want the look of stone without the bank-breaking costs, stone veneer is the number one option for all its home-enhancing benefits. Today’s Top Quality Building Products blog talks about why stone veneers are an ideal choice for any home fireplace. 

Light-Weight and Low-Cost 

Due to its lightweight features compared to standard stone, stone veneers are easy to piece and add on top of any existing fireplace, cutting out disassembly for a simple installation process. Thin stone veneers are less costly than thicker ones but still supply that authentic look without a heavy load taking up unnecessary space. The team at Top Quality Building Products specializes in manufactured stone and natural stone materials like veneers to compliment any home. If you are looking for the perfect stone piece but not sure which one to choose, Top Quality demonstrates that different types of stone are suited for your residential or commercial property.

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Style and Color Variation

Stone veneers come in many different colors and styles that fit anyone’s personal preference. Colors range from beige, tans, grays, and eggshell whites to accentuate your home look or stand as an accent piece. The best decision for your home will depend on a few factors like location, spatial awareness, uniformity, shape, and budget. Top Quality Building Products is available to examine your home and guide you to your prime choice. We understand the importance of perfection and aim to deliver those results. 

Outdoor vs. Indoor Stone Veneers

Although stone veneers are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, installation varies based on exposure to outdoor elements like harsh weather conditions. Dry stacked stone veneer is essential for living rooms and common areas adding a contemporary and more cohesive look since the stones are close together. Mortar jointed stone veneers are standard for outdoor fireplaces in case of water or snow exposure that may eventually cause the stone to break off. Despite the type of products used, as long as the installation is thorough and executed by a Top Quality Building Products expert, your fireplace is destined to last the test of time. 

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